Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Parkdale's Little Tibet w. Sha-Bhaley & Momos

In a west-end neighbourhood of Toronto lies (as BlogTO put it) "Little Tibet...an enclave of Parkdale that is home to the largest concentration of Tibetans outside of Asia."

Now Little Tibet has a restaurant of the same name just west of Jameson Ave. The Little Tibet restaurant, which opened earlier this year, specializes "in serving traditional Tibetan food along with a fusion of Hakka, Mongolian & Indian dishes" (according to their website).

Housed in a bright, clean and cozy space the service is very friendly and quick, though the server will warn that momos -- a Tibetan style dumpling -- can take as long as 15 minutes to prepare even when they are not busy. (We did not end up waiting that long).

There are many notable dishes throughout the menu. Gyuma are a tasty and somewhat spicy traditional Tibetan sausage ($6.99) that are a terrific appetizer.

Soups include Sweet Corn Cream Soup (either chicken or vegetarian) $3.99:

Their take on Hot & Sour Soup is fabulous with the bold flavours you want in this classic dish ($3.99):

Momos are a personal favourite and theirs do not disappoint, well prepared with nicely seasoned fillings. The momos can be had fried or steamed, with beef, chicken and vegetable options. They come served with a tasty, fiery side hot sauce. 10 pieces are $9.99 / $10.99 fried. 

Fried Chicken Momo Plate

Be sure to use the hot sauce generously! 

 A wonderful revelation for me was the Sha-Bhaley, which I had not had before. These are deep fried Tibetan beef patties and they are an absolute must. Served again with the hot sauce 4 large patties are $9.99.

The Chicken Manchurian ($9.99) is battered chicken pieces served in a rich, spicy sauce with snow peas, onion and peppers. It comes with rice. The chicken was perfectly prepared, very tender, with a pleasing, slightly crunchy texture.

For vegetarians highlights include the Spicy Green Beans ($8.99) and Sweet and Spicy Tofu ($8.99).

The traditional Thenthuk hand-pulled noodle soup is available in beef, chicken and vegetable versions ($8.99) while the Fish or Chicken Fry dishes ($12.99 ea.) are among the varied list of Little Tibet house specials.


Little Tibet is open 11 am - 10 pm 7 days a week.

1449A Queen St. W (just west of Jameson), 416-532-9728

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