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30th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, French General Strikes, Free Transit & more -- The Week in News, Opinion and Videos December 1 - 8

This week's list of articles, news items, opinion pieces and videos that I see as a must if you are looking for a roundup that should be of interest to The Left Chapter readers.

This list covers the week of  December 1 - 8.

We have changed the format of the round-up so that the links, videos and photos are presented in sections related to topic.

30th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre:

Thirty years after the Montreal Massacre, are women really any safer?

Consensus comes 30 years later that Montreal massacre was an anti-feminist act

At least 118 women, girls murdered across Canada so far in 2019, annual report shows

Let’s Finally Call ‘Violence Against Women’ What It Really Is

‘Hate is infectious’: how the 1989 mass shooting of 14 women echoes today

- Montreal Massacre: Still fighting for our daughters, one generation later

30 Years After Surviving Polytechnique, My Pain Is Starting To Resurface


OSSTF announces another 1-day school strike on Dec. 11

Build solidarity with teachers in their fight to defend public education!

End of co-operative rental subsidies could displace 200 Sask. families, advocates say

Donated warming huts for Winnipeg homeless torn down for violating by-laws

Province has sold off 94 Manitoba Housing properties since 2016, documents show

Manitoba’s NDP and unions are helping advance a police state

Rental market is expected to get even more dire in Montreal

U.S. Neo-Nazi Terror Group Harboring Missing Ex-Canadian Soldier: Sources

Watchdog calls for RCMP to investigate firing of Alberta's election commissioner

Why Sweden’s Central Bank Divested from Alberta and Reinvested in BC

United States:

Are the Republicans trying to get Ilhan Omar killed?

Revealed: Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib targeted in far-right fake news operation

GOP yanks support for George Buck after death threat against Ilhan Omar

Bernie Sanders Tops New California Poll—But You Wouldn't Have Known It By Reading This LA Times Headline

“Manufacturing Consent” In Action

Nestlé cannot claim bottled water is 'essential public service', court rules


'What Cruelty Looks Like': Trump Finalizes Plan to Strip Food Aid From 750,000 Low-Income People by 2020

As news outlets were shutting down for Thanksgiving, the University of North Carolina quietly gave white nationalists $2.5m to settle a lawsuit that hadn't even been filed


Dominica's Labor Party Wins Landslide Victory

South and Central America:

Brazil: Attack on Guajajara Indigenous People Leaves 1 Dead

Argentina's Fernandez Calls for the End of Poverty and Misery

Colombia: Social Unrest Against Duque Begins 3rd Week in a Row

Disapproval Rating for Colombia's Duque Reaches 70 Percent

Berta Cáceres murder: 50 years in jail for activist's killers

Bolivia Coup:

Leaders of Bolivia's right-wing coup will oversee -- and control -- new elections

Evo Morales Vows to Return to Bolivia After Right-Wing Coup

Bolivia: Chamber of Deputies Approves "Guarantees Law"

Bolivia: MAS Appoints Morales as Director of its 2020 Campaign

Pepe Mujica Condemns OAS After Visiting Evo Morales


Delhi gripped by anger and grief after dozens killed in factory fire

India's communists vow to fight Modi's sectarian citizenship law to the end

'If you saw her body, you will never sleep again': despair as India rape crisis grows

Israel / Palestine:

From Now On, Every Palestinian Is an anti-Semite

Israeli Occupation Cost Palestine $48b Between 2000-2017: UN

Middle East:

Egypt continues biggest wave of arrests of journalists since 2014

Iraq's communists given new life by protests

Climate Emergency: 

Oceans losing oxygen at unprecedented rate, experts warn

Dead sperm whale had 220 pounds of garbage in its stomach, including rope, plastic and gloves

UK Election:

Another world is possible

General election 2019: Tories probe candidates over anti-Semitism claims

Reopening Auschwitz – The Conspiracy To Stop Corbyn

Michael Rosen: as a Jew, I am voting Labour

The problem with Nancy Astor

Tory election candidate says disabled people should be paid less as they ‘don’t understand money’

Brexit: Corbyn releases leaked government documents that show Boris Johnson ‘lied about deal’

Israel's foreign minister says he hopes Corbyn loses British election

- Jeremy Corbyn will give up Chequers to the homeless if he comes to power

Jo Swinson apologises for backing coalition's austerity policies

Tory sidekick’s spectacular memory loss

British PM Johnson to Be Investigated for Conflict of Interest

London Bridge victim’s father condemns ‘beyond disgusting’ Boris Johnson for using son’s death for political gain

French General Strike:

Huge crowds out in Paris for the national general strike!:

General Strike in Marseille:

France Is Hit by Second Day of Pension Strikes as Unions Dig In

France paralysed by mass strikes against Macron's pension raid

More than 800,000 people march against Macron as strikes grip France

Opponents work for referendum on Macron's plan to privatise Paris Airports


Grenade thrown at migrant children's centre in Madrid


Garment workers in Ethiopia need strong unions

Free Transit:

‘I Got Tired of Hunting Black and Hispanic People’


Kansas City becomes first major American city with universal fare-free public transit

The policing of fare evasion reveals the twisted agenda of our politicians

Climate Activists Demand Free, Expanded Public Transit System


Alexia Isais: Why I am a communist

It’s No Surprise that Canada’s Life Expectancy Has Plateaued

T.I., virginity checks and what fathers don't understand about girls' #MeToo experiences

Porn and Prostitution: 

20 Years On – Scotland learning from Sweden’s Sex Purchase Act

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