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NDP Election Disaster, Canadian Foreign Policy Hypocrisy & more -- October and November on The Left Chapter in review

October and November saw 113 posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter.

These included new installments in our always popular vintage photography posts like Soviet Moscow 1985 - 18 Streetscapes and Postcards and War Monuments and Sights of Soviet Kiev 1975 -- 16 Vintage PhotographsThere were several posts related to socialist history like The Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic 1987: Photos, Culture, Economy, History & more -- Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union Series and Demand Freedom for Disappeared Prisoners in Chile!, World Peace Council 1977

After the shocking racist and imperialist backed coup in Bolivia we followed events with regular daily updates on our post "It’s called a coup" -- News, Videos, Statements and Developments about Bolivia. We posted Stop backing a corrupt, repressive and illegitimate Haitian president -- Open Letter and looked at "We have been enslaved in a modernized form" -- Nigerian workers allege widespread abuses by Shell in new video

We also looked at the launch of a new political party in "Far to the left of the NDP, far greener than the Greens" -- New leftist party launched in BC.

And thanks to the issue being in the news again as well as a mention in an article on Blog TO, our piece from February, The "fare evasion" narrative on the TTC is a total fraud. Here's why., had enough hits that it would have been near the top of this list had it been from the period.

Thanks very much to all our readers and contributors.

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Without any further ado, here are the top six posts, in terms of hits, from October and November:

1) The election results in Toronto tell a story the NDP does not want to hear

The NDP's Toronto federal election results really put the lie to a number of the narratives their partisans and organizers are trying to spin.

Read more. 

2) The NDP's election disaster shows again the need for something new on the left

Apparently the masses didn't get the memo.

Despite all the assurances and social media posts of NDP partisans, and despite the surprising number of left activists who decided to jump onto a bandwagon to nowhere, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP not only did not surge they ended up with their worst result in 15 years wiping away all the gains of the Layton years that were supposed to deliver them to the Promised Land of power.

Read more.

3) Voting Communist, Tactical Voting and Conscientious Abstention -- Leftist Strategy in the 2019 Election

With less than a week to go until election day in Canada, anti-capitalist leftists are in the challenging position yet again that no anti-capitalist candidate -- either an independent or affiliated to a political party -- is going to get elected next Monday.

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4) Canadian hypocrisy and double standards in South and Central America on full display

Canada's total hypocrisy and double standards in South and Central America are on full display, again, after the profoundly cynical Trudeau government and Global Affairs Canada stated on Tuesday that they would not recognize the Bolivian election results.

By Brandy Baker

The west Toronto riding of Parkdale-High Park is one of the last places working people and the poor can access affordable housing in this very expensive city. Think of Parkdale-High Park in the shape of an L. The vertical line is High Park, where whiter, wealthier residents live. Queen West is the horizontal line at the bottom. This is the main commercial street of Parkdale. Grungier, poorer, and more diverse. A Tibetan community lives and works here. Some have shops along the always busy street. Some work at the Ontario Food Terminal a couple of miles out; the workers at the food terminal unionized over a year ago after dealing with racist harassment. Crossing Queen West is Jameson, a small street lined with apartment complexes and public housing that connect the parallel streets of Queen and King, where more of the poor and immigrants live.

Sometimes, in life and politics, you can forgive folks for indulging in positive thinking even when it is totally out-of-touch with reality. In many cases this is relatively harmless.

But not when the partisans of a party that holds much of the Canadian left seemingly prisoner to its electoral ambitions try to sell a truly disastrous defeat to people as a "victory" of some kind.

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