Tuesday, December 17, 2019

11 Vintage Images of Zaporizhia, Ukrainian SSR, 1968

The "Ukraine" Department Store

Zaporizhia (sometimes also spelled Zaporozhye) is a Ukrainian industrial centre that expanded massively from a small provincial town to a large city of hundreds of thousands of residents over the course of the Soviet era. The city was important as a port, for its factories and scientific establishments and for its hydroelectric plant on the Dnieper. 

We have visited Soviet era Zaporizhia before in the post A Cruise Along the Soviet Dnieper, 1985 Part II: Dnepropetrovsk to Odessa where you can find a brief outline of its history, economy, cultural and educational facilities as well as see other photos of it. 

With text in Ukrainian this postcard folder was published in 1968 and was aimed at a domestic tourist audience. It has many interesting shots including of Tatra tram cars on Lenin Ave. (for a more in-depth look at transit in the USSR see: Trams and buses in the USSR -- A look at public transit in the Soviet Union, 1976), the atmospheric photo of Lenin Ave. at night, and the photos of the new housing and high rise blocks. 

The card named The Fountains on Mayakovsky Square almost sounds like the title for a film or novel. 

I have translated all the card descriptions from Ukrainian.  

(Click on images to enlarge)

Lenin Avenue
(Note the Tatra tram cars)

New Apartment Buildings on Lenin Ave.

River Station 

Concert Hall

High Rise Buildings in the Transport Area

300 Year Old Oak Tree in  Khortytsya National Park

Hydroelectric Plant on the Dnieper

The Fountains on Mayakovsky Square

Lenin Statue

Lenin Avenue at Night

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