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Colombian Strikes, Developments in Bolivia and Chile, Corbyn Smeared & more -- The Week in News, Opinion and Videos November 24 - December 1

This week's list of articles, news items, opinion pieces and videos that I see as a must if you are looking for a roundup that should be of interest to The Left Chapter readers.

This list covers the week of November 24 - December 1.

We have changed the format of the round-up so that the links, videos and photos are presented in sections related to topic.

Bolivia Coup Updates:

OAS Admits Absence of Final Report on Elections in Bolivia

Crimes Against Humanity Reported in Bolivia: Int'l Delegation

Bolivia Repeals Controversial Immunity Decree for Armed Forces

Bolivia: Evo Morales Rejects Interpol Notice Issued Against Him

'The Struggle Doesn't End Here': President Evo Morales

Reversing Pro-Palestinian Stance of Evo Morales, Bolivia's Coup Government Moves to Restore Ties With Israel

What comes after the coup?

The people will not allow the coup in Bolivia, says Venezuelan ambassador

Bolivia: Police Demand to be Paid for Their Support for Coup


Caribbean Leaders Reject OAS Attempts to Interfere in Dominica

Cuba found to be the most sustainably developed country in the world, new research finds

Díaz-Canel: Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence

Colombia Protests: 

Footage of Colombian riot police repressing a peaceful demonstration by throwing tear gas into a crowd of protesters:

One Dead, More Than 700 Injured in the 1st Week of Protests in Colombia

Colombian national strike continues

Colombia: Workers' Union Calls to Carry On Nationwide Strike Into Its 5th Day

Chilean Protests:

Chile: People With Eye Injuries To File Lawsuit Against Piñera

Chile’s Lawmakers Approve Impeachment of Interior Minister

Chilean President Rejected by 84% of the Population

Chilean Communists Reject Sebastian Piñera's Proposal

Over 2,800 People Wounded in Chile Since Start of Protests

Chilean Photojournalist Albertina Martínez Burgos Killed in Santiago

South and Central America:

Martinez Concedes Uruguayan Presidency to Right-Wing Candidate


Merkel government in peril as leftwing duo take charge of SPD

Black Friday Protests Across Europe Demand Amazon 'Start Treating Workers Like Humans—Not Robots'

Italian Authorities Uncover Plot to Create New Nazi Party

Austrian communists make significant gains in Styrian state elections

Protests grow in Ukraine against government’s decision to lift moratorium on land sales

UK Election:

General election: Boris Johnson’s lead halved, putting UK in ‘hung parliament territory’, latest poll reveals

Why he's voting Labour: Alan Moore, author Watchmen and V for Vendetta

The Contract on Corbyn

Chief Rabbi's ‘vote Tory’ call condemned by Jewish groups

Rabbi Mirvis is overplaying his hand

Lies, lies and more lies 

Boris Johnson said children of single mothers were 'ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate' in newly unearthed column

Boris Johnson said that Islamophobia is a 'natural reaction' to Islam and that 'Islam is the problem'

BBC admits it made ‘mistake’ by editing Boris Johnson footage to remove audience laughing at him


Protests in India after woman gang raped and burned to death

Climate Emergency:

Rivers in crisis: Amid drought, corporations are buying up Australia’s water

Governments Need to Face Reality — the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Collapsing

Firefighters union leader: ‘There are no climate sceptics on the end of a fire hose’

'Maybe It Will Destroy Everything': Pakistan's Melting Glaciers Cause Alarm

Earth set to warm 3.2 C by 2100 unless efforts to cut emissions are tripled, new UN report finds

Climate change: Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records


- B.C. subsidizes fossil fuels to tune of hundreds of millions annually, according to study

Activist says RCMP profile about her is 'kind of creepy and unsettling'

Unions told thousands more job cuts coming to Alberta public service

Jason Kenney’s UCP Under Fire For Accusing High School Teachers of Being Disloyal to Oil Industry

Tent City Under Attack

'We are just going to take it away': City of Kelowna tells people not to donate supplies to homeless camp

Federal Court strikes down request from Canada to have human rights tribunal ruling put on hold

Supreme Court awards $20K to woman fined for refusing to hold escalator handrail

Public high school teachers to hold 1-day province-wide strike on Dec. 4

Ford Government Says It Spends ‘More on Education’ Than Any Government in Ontario’s History. That Claim is False.

Energy minister cites climate change denial blog in defence of scrapping green energy projects


York University Palestinian Solidarity Protests:

Debunking Politicians’ Falsities About The York University Protest

Israeli Soldier Who Accused PalSol Activists of Anti-Semitic Chants Specialized in Targeted Killings And Kidnapping of Palestinians

Jerusalem Post admits to printing false info about York University protest

Media Complicity in Demonizing Palestinians

IJV Supports Palestine Solidarity Protestors at York and Denounces Smear Tactics From Government Leaders

Justin Trudeau Sides With Pro-Israel Thuggery At York University

United States:

Ohio bill orders doctors to ‘reimplant ectopic pregnancy’ or face 'abortion murder' charges

Kshama Sawant Passes the Amazon Stress Test in Seattle

America has an infant mortality crisis. Meet the black doulas trying to change that


16-year-old Palestinian Teen Said Killed by Live Israeli Fire in Gaza Protest

Palestinians protest US recognition of illegal Israeli settlements on occupied land

Israel Starts Building Largest Settlement in East Jerusalem

The Israeli Army's Excuses Won't Help. Only War Criminals Kill Nine Innocent Civilians in Their Sleep

Middle East:

Iraq PM resignation would only be 'first step', protesters say

New sexed-up dossier furore: Explosive leaked email claims that UN watchdog's report into alleged poison gas attack by Assad was doctored - so was it to justify British and American missile strikes on Syria?


Health workers in Pakistan challenge government’s privatization drive


In pictures: Global protests denounce violence against women


The Impunity Doctrine: The Meek Shall be Buried Beneath the Earth

A letter to intellectuals who deride revolutions in the name of purity

Let’s get off our knees and abolish the monarchy

Porn & Prostitution:

Decriminalizing the Sex Trade Isn't the Answer—The Equality Model Is

Trade unions that never fight the sex industry bosses

Violence during consensual sex has become normalised, campaigners have warned.

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