Monday, November 4, 2019

Soviet Leningrad 1969 -- 20 Vintage Photographs of Streets, Monuments and Victory Parks

Published in 1969, two years after the 50th anniversary of the Revolution, this postcard folder looked at the streets, sights, monuments and victory parks of Leningrad where it all began.

The 20 cards here offer a great diversity of images from the famous and iconic Lenin statue near the Finland Station to a festive Nevsky Prospekt at night to a bustling Uprising (Vosstaniya) Square named so as it was the sight of many significant revolutionary protests.

Note the photographs of a new housing district in the city as well as of the burial memorial site for the heroes of the revolution. Note as well the cool vintage Soviet cars and buses.

The victory parks were so called in honour of the triumph over the Nazis and their fascist allies during the Second World War.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Monument to Lenin at the Finland Station

Nevsky Prospekt at Night Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution

Zina Portnova Street in Dachnoe a New Housing District

Russian Museum

Peter I Monument

St. Issac's Cathedral

Burial Place of the Heroes of the Revolution on the Field of Mars

View of Peter and Paul Fortress

The Leningrad Branch of the Central V. I Lenin Museum

Leningrad Hermitage Theatre

Admiralty Tower

Gate of the Summer Gardens

Uprising Square

Monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya in Moskovsky Victory Park

Palace Square

Great Fountain and Main Alley
Moskovsky Victory Park

Pool in Moskovsky Victory Park

Southern Pool and the Vostok Restaurant
Primorsky Victory Park

Primorsky Victory Park

Statue of Kirov, Primorsky Victory Park

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