Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Sputnik -- Salami and Fried Egg Sandwich w. Green Chili Pickle

Today we are going to take a look at a sandwich I invented that I have nicknamed The Sputnik. It combines salami, fried egg and Indian style Green Chili Pickle on rye for a sandwich with a unique, salty and spicy flavour.

For this you want to use some hot Genoa style sliced salami. Put a couple of layers of the salami onto a slice of toasted and buttered rye.

Top the salami with a sunny-side up egg fried in butter. You want to make sure the yoke is nice and runny and that it does not break before you lift it onto the salami.

If you want a tip for making a perfect sunny-side up runny egg, I like to melt some butter over high heat in a saucepan, crack the eggs into the melted butter and let fry for about 30 seconds and then turn down the heat to low (around the 2 mark), cover the pan, and let the eggs fry gently until fully done. Do not flip the egg.

Once you have topped the salami with your egg, top the egg with around a tablespoon (or to taste) of Indian style Green Chili Pickle. There are a number of brands of Green Chili Pickle out there but one relatively common one in North America is Mother's Recipe brand.

Top this with another piece of toasted, buttered rye and press down gently so the yoke breaks and runs down over the bottom on the sandwich.

Eat immediately.

Terrific stuff.

For another terrific sandwich using Indian style pickle see: Montreal Smoked Meat, Lime Pickle and Avocado Naan Wrap

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